Accessories and Maintenance to Prolong the Life of Work Boots

Work boots are worn daily by men and women in several industries. High-quality boots are not inexpensive and take some time to break-in. Once a supportive and durable pair is found, it is wise to take excellent care of the boots.


Work boots can be heavy and hot, especially ones with a steel toe cap. There are socks specifically designed to accompany this type of footwear. Those for steel toed boots have extra cushioning in the toe area to prevent rubbing and irritation.

Socks with reinforced pressure points will help prevent blisters. The added padding relieves the pressure from the side and bottom of the inside. Anti-static socks reduce the risk of ignition hazards. Socks for work boots higher than the ankle protect the skin from chaffing, sweating, and itching.

Moisture Control

Most types of socks for work boots, whether for steel toes or those for extra warmth, will have some sort of moisture control system. Some will have fibers that are added for removing moisture. Others will have a dry-weave feature so the foot can breath and remain dry. Materials make a difference as well. Bamboo socks, for example, has natural anti-bacterial properties to eliminate foot odor.

Laces are also important for a proper fit and to prolong the life of the work boots. Weak shoe laces, or those that do not come up high enough will cause the boot to loosen throughout the day. That decreases ankle support and may alter how the foot sets into the inner sole.


Boots that are water-resistant have a coating on them that will eventually wear off. Creams and solutions are available over the counter that can be applied to surface. The right product will restore the water-resistant properties of the work boots.

Be sure to inspect the boots daily for any signs of damage, such as cracks or holes in the material or debris wedged into the outer sole. Cracks in the boot indicate it is time for replacement. Debris needs to be removed to avoid punctures.

Store boots in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Water or excessive moisture, high temperatures, or sunlight can expedite deterioration. With proper care, high-quality work boots will remain strong and comfortable for an extended period time. Wearers can visit here for more maintenance tips.