Stay Cool And Save Energy With Ceiling Fans

There is no doubt that the cost of almost everything is rising and for many, energy costs are one of the most difficult expenses to bear. Fortunately there is a way to continue to stay cool and comfortable in the home or office and still keep the electric bill manageable. This is possible by installing ceiling fans. Ceiling fans work by creating air circulation. The circulating air helps keep the skin cooler, thus making the person or people feel more comfortable, even though the thermostat may be set a few degrees warmer than normal. Of course, there is the initial expense of the ceiling fan, but by purchasing a reputable brand, such as one of the Casablanca fans, one can be assured their fan will work well for years to come. In fact, these popular fans have a lifetime motor warranty along with a one (1) year warranty on all other parts, ensuring this quality-built fan will be long-lasting and efficient.

Whether used in conjunction with air conditioning or not, ceiling fans are said to make the temperature in a room feel approximately four (4) degrees cooler. By using the fan, along with air conditioning, it is clear there can be a fairly large energy savings, especially over the lifetime of the fan. Some of these fans are also manufactured to be used in the outdoors, such as in a screened in patio or open porch or gazebo. With the same lifetime warranty on the motor, these fans are able to make outdoor activities much more comfortable. Aside from the comfort that comes with circulating air, the moving air will also discourage flying bugs and insects from lingering in the area within the fan’s reach.

Of course, when energy efficiency is the main goal, it is of utmost importance to turn the fan off when leaving the room or outdoor area. A fan left running without reason can be a waste of energy, as can a light or another electronic device left unattended. It’s always important to be aware of energy saving actions that can keep costs down. Fortunately running a ceiling fan can help keep the body cool and comfortable while helping save on energy costs at the same time.